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  • Restores & maintains vaginal pH balance
  • Supports Vaginal Health
  • Supports odor control
  • Reusable applicator
If your doctor prescribes antibiotics or antifungal medication, even for an unrelated condition, you may want to use a vaginal pH regulator such as GYNACAN, immediately after completing your course of antibiotics or antifungal, to help maintain a natural and healthy vaginal balance.

GYNACAN is intended to help maintain a healthy vaginal pH and support a healthy vaginal ecosystem (that is a favorable balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria), both of which help support the vagina’s self-cleaning mechanisms. In doing so, GYNALCAN helps to eliminate those unwanted feminine odors that are sometimes caused by bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

** If you have recurring vaginal discharge, persistent odor, itching, or discomfort, please be sure to contact your doctor.

Recurrent Vaginal Odor? Wave Goodbye to Vaginal Odor with GYNACAN

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